205 Organizational Behavior

Management & Marketing

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Pre-requisites: MGTMKT 201

Requisite To: MGTMKT 308 MGTMKT 410 MGTMKT 412 MGTMKT 414 MGTMKT 425

Lab Session:

Course Description

The intent of this course is to study the human behavior in organization including the analysis of individual, group, and inter-group relations within a broad range of organizational settings. The study of the course may include concepts, theories, and models related to the topics of the course. Consideration should be given to the environmental, international, ethical, and technological dimensions of issues related to the course subject maters. The course’s purpose is to provide an understanding of how organizations can be managed more effectively and at the same time enhance the quality of employees' work life.

Course Learning Objectives (CLOs)
  • The college of business administration (cba) at kuwait university is accredited by the association to advance collegiate school of business (aacsb), which represents the highest standards of achievement worldwide for business schools. in line with maintaining such standards, each program at the cba has developed a set of objectives that our graduates will achieve at the end of their learning experience. therefore, the following goals are specifically mapped to mkt 205.
  • At the end of this course our graduates shall be able to:
  • List the general concepts of organization behavior.
  • Understand & identify aspects that influence individual behavior in organizations including job attitudes, emotions, personality, perception, and motivational theories.
  • Understand the dynamics of group and team behavior in organizations.
  • Understand how the organizational system affects and is affected by individuals and group behavior.
  • Classify management or team leader’s overall responses to business and employees’ problems.
  • Create a clear, concise, and audience-centered presentations and documents.
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