201 Principles of Management

Management & Marketing

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Pre-requisites: None

Requisite To: MGTMKT 205 MGTMKT 300 MGTMKT 305 MGTMKT 310 MGTMKT 315 MGTMKT 423 MGTMKT 436 MGTMKT 460 ISOM 210

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Course Description

This course introduces the student to management and the important role it plays in the modern economy and how it accomplishes that. The course begins with a birds eye view of the history of management thought and then examines the different functions of management and how they are carried in the face of the challenges of our age, from technology to globalization and societal demands

Course Learning Objectives (CLOs)
  • The college of business administration (cba) at kuwait university is accredited by the association to advance collegiate school of business (aacsb), which represents the highest standards of achievement worldwide for business schools. in line with maintaining such standards, each program at the cba has developed a set of objectives that our graduates will achieve at the end of their learning experience. therefore, the following goals are specifically mapped to mkt 201.
  • At the end of this course our graduates shall be able to:
  • Classify management concepts, importance, and effects.
  • Summarize the changes in theories about how management should behave, motivate, and control their employees.
  • Clarify what organizational culture is and how managers create and deal with it.
  • Identify the main stages of the planning process and explain its relation to company’s strategy.
  • Recognize organizational structures and their effects on the firm.
  • Understand what and how organizational change effect firm performance.
  • Understand what leadership is and what makes an effective leader.
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