410 Organization Theory & Design

Management & Marketing

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Pre-requisites: MGTMKT 205

Requisite To: None

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Course Description

In their most basic definition, organizations consist of group of individuals who work together towards a common goal through the division of labor. to achieve this common objective, the organization provides these individuals with the incentives, means, and climate to harness their strengths and capabilities and enhance the collective effectiveness. This course sheds the light on the key principles of organizational theory and design. Organizational theory focuses on formal social organizations, such as business enterprises, and their inter-relationship with the environment in which they operate. Through this scope, organizational theory complements the contemporary research in strategic management, entrepreneurship, and organizational behavior.

Course Learning Objectives (CLOs)
  • The learning outcomes for this course, listed below, relate to the learning goals of the college of
  • Business administration undergraduate program, which can be found in the appendix at the end of
  • This syllabus. the numbers in parenthesis indicate to which each learning goal the outcome relates.
  • 1. understand organizations and learn about organizational theory.
  • 2. learn about organizational designs, structures, forms, and culture.
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