Program Learning Goals

Undergraduate Program

2020-2025 Plan

PLG1: Analytical Competency

Short Name: Analytical


  • Use appropriate analytical techniques to solve a given business problem.
  • Critically evaluate multiple solutions to a business problem.
  • Make well-supported business decisions

PLG2: Oral Communication Competency

Short Name: Oral Communication


  • Deliver clear, concise, and audience-centered presentations.

PLG3: Written Communication Competency

Short Name: Written Communication


  • Write clear, concise, and audience-centered business documents

PLG4: Information Technology Competency

Short Name: IT


  • Use data-processing tools to analyze or solve business problems.

PLG5: Ethical Competency

Short Name: Ethics


  • Identify the ethical dimensions of a business decision.
  • Recognize and analyze the tradeoffs created by application of competing ethical perspectives.
  • Formulate and defend a well-supported recommendation for the resolution of an ethical issue.

PLG6: General Business Knowledge

Short Name: Business Knowledge


  • Acquire a fundamental understanding of knowledge from the main business disciplines (e.g. finance, accounting, marketing, and management information systems, among others).