255 Human Talent Management

Public Administration

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Pre-requisites: PA 112

Requisite To: PA 310 PA 315 PA 410 PA 477 PA 480 PA 490

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Course Description

The course focuses on the policies and processes for dealing with governmental personnel management. It is designed to investigate key issues in public human resource management including staffing, personnel development, classification, compensation, and performance appraisal. this course addresses the role that public human resource management plays in government and modern society. By the end of this course, the students would be familiar with some fundamentals of public human resource management and their application in the state of kuwait including recruitment, selection, promotion, job classification and evaluation, compensation, performance appraisal and sanctions.

Course Learning Objectives (CLOs)
  • 1. develop a broader and more complete understanding of the challenges encounter public human resource management and their impact on public service.
  • 2. explain the social and ethical dilemmas that arise from managing public personnel and how to cope with them.
  • 3. understand the recruitment strategies, steps, and its significance to organizations.
  • 4. discuss the basis and origins of selection process including criteria, phases, testing, interviewing, reviewing, and reference checks .
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