477 Special Topics in Public Administration

Public Administration

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Pre-requisites: PA 233 PA 255

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Course Description

The public sector plays an essential role in society. The public sector and governments provide resources and produce goods and services that are crucial for a well-functioning society. However, fulfilling this role requires solid plans that encompass what will be produced, how it will be financed, and how it will be accounted for; and taxes today represent one of the main sources of revenues for most governments around the world. This highlights the importance of having more knowledge about the world taxation.

Course Learning Objectives (CLOs)
  • Review the world of public finance and government financial management.
  • Get introduced to the main terminology of taxation.
  • Understand the principles of tax systems, and main types of taxes and the issues in each type of taxes.
  • Calculate and solve numerical problems that help students to practice how to determine the correct amount of taxes needed to be paid in the different tax types.
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