310 Research Methods in Public Administration

Public Administration

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Pre-requisites: ISOM 220 PA 255

Requisite To: PA 480 PA 490

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Course Description

This course provides introduction to quantitative and qualitative research methods that are employed in public administration. The goal of this course is to acquaint students with basic methodological concepts and research tools in public administration. The course emphasizes practical application of research methods. A variety of examples will be provided to help in gaining better understanding of research methods. This course develops student’s practical skills in designing, collecting, and analyzing, using descriptive techniques and presenting data to address research questions. The course introduces students to statistical procedures and computer skills used in the field of public administration, management, and public policy to evaluate and manage programs and services. The course also develops the student’s skills to assess the quality of research by others. The course offers an introduction to some of the key practices and principles associated with conducting research. This course will describe the research design process and challenges students to be better users of information so that they can make better decisions.

Course Learning Objectives (CLOs)
  • Understand the concepts behind the construction and analysis of research, and the process of research design and analysis.
  • Learn the nature of quantitative and qualitative data analysis.
  • Analyze and communicate research findings, and when needed, improve upon faulty research and analysis.
  • Grasp the skill of producing a research design.
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