112 Introduction to Public Administration

Public Administration

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Pre-requisites: None

Requisite To: PA 233 PA 255 PA 388 PA 480 PA 490

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Course Description

This course focus is on developing each student’s comprehension of the history and foundational underpinnings of Public Administration. The course will cover the economic, political, and social dynamics within the field of public administration as well as the management challenges related to human resources, finances, program development, evaluation, technology, and strategic planning. In addition, this introduction to Public Administration will consider public service as a personal and professional commitment when considering the ethics and values unique to this sector. Through the use of the textbook, assigned readings, assignments, and class discussions, students will be afforded an opportunity to advance their theoretical and practical knowledge of public administration. The course starts by defining and identifying what Public Administration is, then it starts to cover the major theories within the field and main scholars and their main contributions to the study of public administration. The course then starts introducing the students to the different fields within the area of public administration like the filed of human resource management within the public sector, performance management and measurement within the public sector, budgeting and financial management from a governmental perspective, decision making in the public sector, and the future of the field and where it is heading.

Course Learning Objectives (CLOs)
  • 1. understand what is the meaning of public administration, the difference between business administration and public administration, and the different subfields under the umbrella of public administration.
  • 2. grasp the history and the current management theories and scholars that relate to the area of public administration.
  • 3. understand the importance of human resource management when managing public organizations.
  • 4. learn the difficulty of decision making in the public sector and how it could be inflexible.
  • 5. discuss the future of the field of public administration and where the field is heading.
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