470 Seminar in Economics


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Pre-requisites: ECON 320 ECON 340 ECON 350 ELU 126

Requisite To: None

Lab Session:

Course Description

This is a seminar course and we will be reading and discussing papers on a specific topic. This semester we will read, examine, and discuss papers on renewable and non-renewable energy. Specifically, energy issues including pricing, investment, and environmental and technological constraints will be studied. We will be reading published papers on energy issues published at energy policy, energy economics, jeem, aer, and jpe.

Course Learning Objectives (CLOs)
  • Clo1. understand microeconomic theoretical framework for market analysis
  • Clo2. use diagrams & figures for presentations
  • Clo3. understand the function of markets and their limitations in allocating resources efficiently
  • Clo4. understand different forms of technologies for production
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