230 Mathematics for Economists


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Pre-requisites: ISOM 110 ECON 140

Requisite To: ECON 320 ECON 340 ECON 350

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Course Description

This course covers the basic mathematical tools required for the study of economic intermediate theory courses, econometric and upper-division electives in economics. Topics include economic applications of functions, derivatives and integrals, optimization with two or more independent variables, constrained opti- mization, matrix algebra, and difference and differential equations.

Course Learning Objectives (CLOs)
  • 1. model economic questions as mathematical problems.
  • 2. apply their prior knowledge of calculus and matrix algebra to economic applications.
  • 3. mathematically express economic concepts and successfully interpret relevant variables and parameters in economic models.
  • 4. acquire foundations of major techniques used to solve constrained optimization problems in economics.
  • 5. acquire foundations of major difference and differential equations techniques used in economic theory.
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