570 Financial Accounting Theory and Research


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Course Description

This course is an exploration and an in-depth understanding of the various rationale for corporate financial reporting, with particular emphasis on the nature and evolution of conventional accounting and regulatory framework for financial reporting and its future developments. Current financial reporting issues and areas of controversy that financial accounting should identify, measure and report in a dynamic economic, political, and social environment are studied with an emphasis on the relationship between accounting research and practice. The course emphasizes professional accounting responsibilities; professional ethics will be stressed throughout the course. Theoretical approaches to financial reporting will be explored: deductive approaches, economic approaches, regulatory approaches, and earnings management issues.

Course Learning Objectives (CLOs)
  • Articulate the general theories about accounting theories and financial reporting information.
  • Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of alternative measurement models and theories of financial accounting, and apply relevant theories to an understanding of accounting choices.
  • Critique financial accounting theories and financial reporting issues.
  • Discuss accounting theories, reporting issues, and accounting information usefulness.
  • Communicate and present accounting theories and reporting issues.
  • Demonstrate adequate understanding of the accounting regulatory environment.
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