Program Learning Goals

Master of Accounting Program

2020-2025 Plan

PLG1: Accounting Knowledge

Short Name: Accounting Knowledge


  • 1.1. Apply advanced principles of financial accounting theory.
  • 1.2. Analyze corporate financial statements.

PLG2: Decision-Making Skills

Short Name: Decision-Making Skills


  • 1. Apply advanced quantitative and qualitative methods to solve business problems.
  • 2. Recognize the implications of business decisions, evaluate different proposals based on available facts, and make well-supported business decisions.

PLG3: Ethical Reasoning

Short Name: Ethical Reasoning


  • 1. Evaluate business decisions within an ethical framework.

PLG4: Oral Communication

Short Name: Oral Communication


  • Deliver clear, concise, and persuasive presentations.

PLG5: Written Communication

Short Name: Written Communication


  • Write clear, concise, and persuasive business documents.