440 Business Data Mining

Information Systems & Operations Management

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Pre-requisites: ISOM 340

Requisite To: None

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Course Description

Students will learn how to apply data mining principles to the dissection of data sets, including those in large databases, data warehouses, or through web mining. Students will also learn to innovatively explore, analyze and leverage data and turn it into valuable, actionable information for organizations. This course will cover the major techniques (e.g. Classification, clustering, neural networks) for data mining to discover interesting patterns, extract useful knowledge, and support decision-making. Students will also have hands-on experience on using data mining tools (e.g. Bi, spss, excel).

Course Learning Objectives (CLOs)
  • The learning outcomes for this course, listed below, relate to the learning goals of the college of business administration undergraduate program. upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to:
  • Understand various data mining techniques.
  • Differentiate between business situations for applying different data mining techniques.
  • Select and apply appropriate data mining tool for solving business problems.
  • Evaluate the performance of data mining solutions.
  • Leverage data mining tools to make informed managerial recommendations for businesses.
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