350 Business Application Development

Information Systems & Operations Management

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Pre-requisites: ISOM 331

Requisite To: ISOM 452 ISOM 453 ISOM 454

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Course Description

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to advanced concepts and models of application development and give students a practical understanding of the key processes related to building data-driven applications and appreciate the complexity of collective application development. Students will learn more advanced concepts of program design, data structures, programming, problem solving, programming logic, and fundamental design techniques used in contemporary data-driven business applications. Students will also comprehend and apply appropriate methods, techniques, and tools to execute the program development life cycle phases, including gathering requirements, designing a solution, implementing a solution in a programming language, and testing the completed application.

Course Learning Objectives (CLOs)
  • Clo1. use advanced data structures in building software solutions.
  • Clo2. build contemporary data-driven business applications.
  • Clo3. applying object-oriented (oo) principles in building business applications.
  • Clo4. understand the challenges of collectively building applications.
  • Clo5. apply contemporary project management principles in building business applications.
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