450 Equity Valuation


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Course Description

The course is devoted to teaching the students the different equity valuation methods & techniques that that measure the value of a company, given its current assets and position in the market. The course will primary focus discounted dividend model, free cash flows model and value-based models.

Course Learning Objectives (CLOs)
  • Clo1. explain the different types of valuation models and the assumptions behind them.
  • Clo2. estimate the future free cash flows for the company.
  • Clo3. differentiate between free cash flow to firm model and free cash to equity model and use the
  • Clo4. apply residual income model to calculate the price of common stock.
  • Clo5. differentiate between market-based valuation models.
  • Clo6. use spreadsheet applications (i.e. microsoft excel) to create models to value assets.
  • Clo7. apply valuation models to determine the value of an existing company.
  • Clo8. possess the necessary analytical and communication skills to produce and present sound
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