Using MS Teams


MS Teams is a tool that can be used for both online collaboration and instruction. It can host files and content or host online meetings and lectures. It can be used independently or in combination with other services (like Blackboard or Google Docs) for remote instruction. Though it is best to keep it as simple as possible.

What you can do with Teams

  • Host and record online meetings and lectures.
  • Host meeting and class files.
  • Distribute, collect, and grade:
    1. Documents
    2. Slides
    3. Links
    4. Assignments
    5. Quizzes
    6. .. and more!

It’s best to keep it simple

Installation Options

  1. Use it directly from the browser by visting (Use KU email login)
  2. Download for your phone, Mac, or PC from here

Things to keep in mind

  • You can use MS Teams in combination with Blackboard, Office Documents, Office 365, and Google Docs.
  • Whether its a class or committee, always create a team for it
  • Use chat for ad hoc meetings or voice/video calls without the need to create a team (Will not work for class, can work for office hours)
  • Adding people manually to teams can be by KU email or ID (try it!)
  • You can generate a join link or code to share with students for large classes instead of entering them manually. This will allow you to know who is having problems joining Teams.

Usage Guides and More Learning Resources