Further Questions

When Faced With a Problem

please visit the FAQs page which should have an answer to most questions

If you still can’t find a solution, contact the ERT coordinators from your department:

  • Accounting:

    • Dr. Hussain AlYosef
    • Dr. Abdulrahaman AlRefai
  • Economics:

    • Dr. Shamlan AlBahar
  • Finance:

    • Dr. Saad AlNahedh
    • Dr. Sara AlKhalaf
  • Marketing & MAnagement:

    • Dr. Samar Baqer
    • Dr. Nawaf AlAbduljader
  • Public Admin:

    • Dr. Hani AlSarraf
    • Dr. Barrak AlGharaballi
  • Information Systems and Operations Management:

    • Dr. Yosef Abdulsalam
    • Dr. Ahmed Ashkanani
    • Dr. Salaman AlJazzaf
  • English Unit

    • Ms. Fatemah AlHilal
    • Ms. Nour AboShihri
  • Student Technical Support: Please contact support.teams@ku.edu.kw via email.