Second Week - 18 June 2020


  • Continue training faculty in academic departments
  • Preparation of advanced distance learning content for the 3rd improvement stage
  • Distribution of Surface Pro devices and pens
  • Student distance learning workshop in cooperation with CBA’s Student Association (SACBA)


  • The landing page for the distance learning preperation website is now a portal, to make the large amount of content more accessible.
  • 779 of 3315 students completed CheckIn, which is 23.5% of enrolled students.
    • The number represents a lower limit of student preparedness, as actual numbers could be higher.
  • The following figure shows how faculty progressed in comparison to the first week, the figure shows how many faculty are in each stage of MS Teams preparations checklist:

For a cumulative graph:

Problematic cases are limited, and non-applicable cases include faculty in sebatacle leave:

Risks and Challenges

  • Incomplete CheckIn Data
    • Numbers might be slightly larger
    • Systems achieving goal of enabling faculty monitoring and communication with students
  • A significant proportion of CBA Admins have no access to computers at home and might require to be in their offices at CBA to perform their duties.
  • Email domain name confusion, we have:
    • for students
    • for faculty and employees
    • the older CBA doamin that is still operational
  • How will we deal with incomplete internships
  • While number of faculty that we cannot reach is low, there should be a plan in place for unified sections where a large number of students can be affected if faculty are not able to continue instruction in August
  • Teaching assistants have a critical role to play, especially with faculty that have difficulty using MS Teams and they must not be overlooked when planning
    • They face the same challenges as faculty
    • Uncertainty given there is no guidance yet on tutorials and labs