Planning and preparation - Pre-June 4th, 2020

Preparation started early April where the Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs, Dr. Mohammad Zainal, formed the Emergency eLearning Team. The goal of the team is plan for and monitor distance learning preparation activities and assist in coordination and knowledge sharing across departments.

The team members are:

Member Department
Hani AlSarraf Public Administration
Barrak AlGharaballi Public Administration
Samar Baqer Management and Marketing
Nawaf alAbduljader Management and Marketing
Shamlan AlBahar Economics
Saad AlNahedh Finance
Sarah Khalaf Finance
Ahmed Ashkanani Quantitative Methods and Information Systems
Yosef Abdulsalam Quantitative Methods and Information Systems
Salman AlJazzaf Quantitative Methods and Information Systems
Hussain AlYosef Accounting
Abdulrahman AlRefae Accounting
Fatemah AlHilal English Language Unit
Nour BoShehri English Language Unit
Mohammad Najeeb AlMarzouq Curriculum Management Unit

The main achievement of this phase is formulating the goals of the ERT and preparation plan, which are:


  • Enabling faculty and students to engage in emergency distance learning
  • Problem solving, monitoring, and coordination of efforts related to distance learning preparations at CBA
  • Compilation and dissemination of distance learning knowledge

Message to Colleagues

  • Preparations are for the possibility of distance learning and not an endorsement of it.
  • Experience gained from preparations will be valuable for blended learning as well


  • Patience
  • Simplicity
  • Cooperation
  • Trust
  • Keep conflict internal

Preperation Plan

1- Enabling: Goal is to ensure students and faculty **have working tools** for emergency distance learning

The Steps

  1. Activate KU e-mail for faculty
  2. Install MS Teams
  3. Faculty should inform their students to activate their KU e-mails
  4. Faculty should inform their students to install MS Teams
  5. Faculty should inform students to check-in to tracking system after completing steps
  6. Faculty can use tracking system to check all their students are ready for next stage
2- Testing: Goal is to ensure faculty and students have minimum required knowledge to engage in emergency distance learning

The Steps

  1. Test setting up a meeting with colleagues
  2. Create teams for classes
  3. Adding students to the created teams
  4. Test sharing content and files with students
  5. Test an online lecture with students
3- Improving: Improve the emergency distance learning experience

Regularly check the tips and tricks for using MS Teams to improve your online class