424 Public Management Information Systems

Public Administration

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Pre-requisites: ISOM 240 PA 233

Requisite To: PA 420 PA 480 PA 490

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Course Description

Information systems (is) and technology has become increasingly integrated into the operations of government. the course focuses on how to equip future public managers with strategies and capabilities to formulate, evaluate, and lead an is policies and practices. It is designed to investigate major issues and problems associated with the introduction, management, and effectiveness of new information technologies' sources, tools, and applications in public organizations. this course provides the concepts and tools for public managers to improve the performance of government through is. this course addresses is challenges from individual, organizational, managerial, and technical perspectives. topics will include is and enterprise systems in government; is-enabled transformation of government services; knowledge management in government; strategic is planning for e-government projects; as well as major ethical and legal challenges to is.

Course Learning Objectives (CLOs)
  • Clo1: develop a comprehensive vision of implementing is policies in government.
  • Clo2: identify the paradigms and approaches of is and e-government initiatives.
  • Clo3: discuss the importance of is in government and e-government.
  • Clo4: describe the knowledge management concept and utilize it in government decision-making.
  • Clo5: evaluate and analyze the constraints encounter the usage of is in government.
  • Clo6: understand the strategic modelling of enterprise information requirements.
  • Clo7: develop a clear understanding of the ethical dimensions and challenges of is in government.
  • Clo8: analyze a real-world is cases and build the ability to solve associated problems.
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