503 Applied Macroeconomic Theory


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Course Description

This course has two main parts. Part i is an empirical application that includes topics like: the expectations-augmented phillips curve, estimation of a two-equation macro model with rational expectations, and applications of parameter estimation in structural and reduced form equations of small macro-econometric models. On the other hand, part ii will include topics and applications to the kuwaiti economy like: current goals and instruments of macro-economic policy in kuwait, kuwait’s recent macroeconomic performance and the macroeconomic reform, and the kuwait financial system.

Course Learning Objectives (CLOs)
  • Analyze policies related to the macroeconomic level.
  • Analyze the economic effects of government policies and identify and interpret key leading and lagging economic indicators.
  • Understand the issue of forecasting inflation and the importance of its accuracy.
  • Presenting a research paper in one of the macroeconomic fields making sure that all elements of the research are covered.
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