Program Learning Goals

Master of Economics Program

2020-2025 Plan

PLG1: Economic Theory


  • Acquire a deep understanding of how markets and economies operate
  • Apply micro/macro-economic theories to solve complex economic problems.
  • Analyze in depth the impact of alternative regulatory activities in individual markets and their effect on the welfare of the population
  • Recognize that although economists address economic problems with a common approach, the science is ever changing, and one’s approach must be regularly evaluated and updated.

PLG2: Quantitative Reasoning


  • Understand how to collect and use empirical evidence to evaluate economic argument.
  • Conduct appropriate statistical analysis of data using appropriate econometric techniques and explain the statistical problems involved.
  • Interpret statistical results and understand the limitations of the analysis.

PLG3: Critical Thinking


  • Creating abstract models of complex socio-economic systems
  • Drawing conclusions and policy prescriptions while critically evaluating them
  • Distinguish between causal relationships and spurious correlations

PLG4: Oral Communication


  • Deliver clear, concise, and persuasive presentations.

PLG5: Written Communication


  • Write clear, concise, and persuasive business documents.