401 Industrial Organization


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Pre-requisites: ISOM 220 ECON 320 ELU 126

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Course Description

Industrial Organization is concerned with examining firm conduct and assessing market performance in the case of imperfect competition. The main purpose of this course is to understand and implement basic economic issues of firms, industries, and markets. These issues may include equilibrium analysis, pricing in oligopoly, strategic bidding, and antitrust cases. Review of the theory of the firm. Competition and efficiency. Measurement of market concentration. Oligopoly theory. Modern oligopoly models. Collusion and cartels practices. Monopolizing practices and barriers to entry. Vertical integration. Market structure and innovation.

Course Learning Objectives (CLOs)
  • Clo1. identify and apply the main principles of effective firm decision making process.
  • Clo2. explain the output and pricing decisions of firms under different competition frameworks.
  • Clo3. identify product differentiation conditions
  • Clo4. explain price discrimination methods and their implications
  • Clo5. identify the oligopolistic market that best describes the behavior of an oligopolistic industry.
  • Clo6. understand vertical relations and restraints in markets and supply chains.
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