579 Research Project in Accounting


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Course Description

This course is designed to explore and develop an understanding of professional and scientific research in accounting. The course instructs in research methods, issues, research appreciation and evaluation, together with practice in conducting and reporting professional research projects in accounting. The focus of the course will be on developing skills for conducting research and understanding accounting research output. It will make extensive use of current research on current topics to provide exposure to the nature, relevance and importance of research for the practice of accounting. Individual or team project solving real world problems in the accounting profession. The course is designed to increase the ability in conducting and reporting specific professional research projects in accounting. In addition, the course aims to enhance oral and written communication skills for professional accounting practice. Knowledge of research methods and basic statistical tools will be useful and will be addressed in the class wherever necessary.

Course Learning Objectives (CLOs)
  • 1. articulate different accounting and finance in prior and current research topics
  • 2. build a solid background on multiple accounting and finance theories
  • 3. acquire a set of quantitative and qualitative tools and methodologies to enhance research
  • Writing skills
  • 4. ability to write a research paper
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