572 Survey of Economics

Business Administration (Graduate)

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Course Description

A survey of economics from a managerial perspective. The course examines macroeconomic and microeconomic theories relevant to today’s business environment. Topics include an overview of macroeconomics, measuring national output and income, consumption and investment fundamentals of aggregate supply and demand, the multiplier model, money and commercial banking and monetary policy, economic growth, unemployment and inflation. Additionally, an analysis of microeconomics examines topics such as supply and demand in individual markets, theory of consumer behavior, theory of the firm, theories of price, cost, production, and organization structures.

Course Learning Objectives (CLOs)
  • Articulate the general concepts of operations management and supply chain management
  • Describe the operations management functions
  • Identify operations management issues, problems, and trends faced by managers nowadays
  • Acquire a set of quantitative and qualitative tools to enhance decision making
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