351 Introduction to Electronic Commerce

Information Systems & Operations Management

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Course Description

The combination of the computer and the internet has created an incredible market space. the course will examine the foundation, operation and implications of the internet economy.  topics include internet technologies, online market mechanisms, interactive customers, knowledge-based products, smart physical products and services, online auctions and e-marketplaces, digital governance, policies for the internet economy and an outlook for the new economy.  as an application of concepts taught in the course, students will participate in the creation of an internet website.

Course Learning Objectives (CLOs)
  • Understand the components of electronic commerce (ec), the role it played in globalization, how and why ec is used today.
  • Understand how ec is enabling new forms of commerce between individuals, organizations, and governments, while being aware of emerging technologies that enable new forms of communication, collaboration, and partnering.
  • Mitigate risks as well as plan for and recover from disasters.
  • Understand how organizations develop and acquire ec and technologies.
  • Effectively and innovatively apply ec applications to analyze, report, and present business problems and solutions.
  • Identify, research, synthesize, report, communicate, ethically, and professionally use ec for innovative business.
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