445 Alternative Investment


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Pre-requisites: FIN 320

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Course Description

An “investments” class usually covers stocks, bonds and cash. Every other type of asset class falls under “alternative investments”; this includes everything from real estate & hedge funds to cars, watches & art. These include, among others, hedge funds and private equity. The latter involves a form of equity investment in non-public companies, which take the form of buyouts and venture capital. That’s what we are going to cover in this class. In an environment of abundant liquidity and low interest rates, investors try to boost risk-adjusted return by resorting to alternative investments. This course provides an overview of these alternative investment outlets.

Course Learning Objectives (CLOs)
  • Clo1. describe common features of alternative investments, their markets and their roles in a portfolio.
  • Clo2. distinguish among the principal classes of alternative investments.
  • Clo3. use spreadsheet applications (i.e. microsoft excel) to value alternative assets.
  • Clo4. explain the typical structure of hedge funds, their strategies and regulations
  • Clo5. distinguish between venture capital investments and buyout.
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