Strategic Management (450)

Required Files

Please read the following guidelines to perform the AoL assessment in your MGT 450 class:

Method Tool
Note How to perform
the assessment
Detailed AoL
Assessment Items


  • The test will be remotely, and the CMU will coordinate with students and faculty about the time, and requirements of the test during the semester.
  • Remember to Allocate 5% of the course score for the student to complete this test, according to the decision of the college academic affairs committee.
  • Remember to inform the students about the importance of this test in evaluating the program and in improving it. The CMU is ready to visit faculty members during lecture times and answer their inquiries.
  • The test contains a set of 80 multiple-choice questions from various college disciplines.
  • The CMU will provide a list of students who completed the test before the end of the semester. Students will receive the 5% once they complete the test without distinguishing between students according to their performance in the test.