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graph TD subgraph Enabling Faculty a[Activate KU e-mail] b[Install MS Teams] a --> b end subgraph Enabling Students c[Activate KU e-mail] d[Install Teams] l[Student Check-in
Using Tacking System] c --> d d --> l end subgraph Testing With Colleagues h[Test Online Meeting] end b --> h subgraph Testing With Students m[Track Student Progress
Using Tacking System] i[Create Teams for Classes] j[Add Students to Class Teams] k[Test Sharing Content] f[Test Online Lecture] m --> i i --> j j --> k k --> f end l --> m h --> m g[Add/Improve Content] f -- Section is ready for emergency distance learning --> g a -- Notify Students --> c click a "" "Activate KU e-mail for Faculty" click b "" "Install MS Teams" click c "" "Activate KU e-mail for students" click d "" "Install MS Teams" click g "" "Add/Improve content" click h "" "Test Online Meetings" click i "‬" "Setup/Create a Team for Class" click j "" "Add Students to Class" click k "‪‬" "Test sharing content with class" click f "" "Test online lecture" click l "" "Student Check-in" click m "" "Faculty Check-in" style a fill:#ECECFF style b fill:#ECECFF style c fill:#ECECFF style d fill:#ECECFF style f fill:#ECECFF style l fill:#ECECFF style m fill:#ECECFF style g fill:#FFE18E style h fill:#FFD9F0 style i fill:#FFD9F0 style j fill:#FFD9F0 style k fill:#FFD9F0 style f fill:#FFD9F0


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Code Highlighting

Inline code: variable

Code block:

porridge = "blueberry"
if porridge == "blueberry":


In-line math: $x + y = z$

Block math:

$$ f\left( x \right) = ;\frac{{2\left( {x + 4} \right)\left( {x - 4} \right)}}{{\left( {x + 4} \right)\left( {x + 1} \right)}} $$


Make content appear incrementally

{{% fragment %}} One {{% /fragment %}}
{{% fragment %}} **Two** {{% /fragment %}}
{{% fragment %}} Three {{% /fragment %}}

Press Space to play!

One **Two** Three

A fragment can accept two optional parameters:

  • class: use a custom style (requires definition in custom CSS)
  • weight: sets the order in which a fragment appears

Speaker Notes

Add speaker notes to your presentation

{{% speaker_note %}}
- Only the speaker can read these notes
- Press `S` key to view
{{% /speaker_note %}}

Press the S key to view the speaker notes!


  • black: Black background, white text, blue links (default)
  • white: White background, black text, blue links
  • league: Gray background, white text, blue links
  • beige: Beige background, dark text, brown links
  • sky: Blue background, thin dark text, blue links
  • night: Black background, thick white text, orange links
  • serif: Cappuccino background, gray text, brown links
  • simple: White background, black text, blue links
  • solarized: Cream-colored background, dark green text, blue links

Custom Slide

Customize the slide style and background

{{< slide background-image="/img/boards.jpg" >}}
{{< slide background-color="#0000FF" >}}
{{< slide class="my-style" >}}

Custom CSS Example

Let’s make headers navy colored.

Create assets/css/reveal_custom.css with:

.reveal section h1,
.reveal section h2,
.reveal section h3 {
  color: navy;