General Guidance on Improving Distance Learning Experience

Tips from Dr. Mohammad Naser AlMarzouq from Accounting Department

These tips target large classes that involve solving mathematical and accounting problems:

  • Postpone class discussion to the end of the lecture and request that students write down their questions including the slide number they are in reference to. Therefore, it is important to ensure page numbers are included on slides.
  • Conduct problem solving sessions online where the problems are sent a few days prior to the lecture for students to solve, then they can follow thier instructors as they solve the same problems live.
  • To avoid unexplained interruption to recording of online lectures, it is recommended to use dedicated programs for screen recording, such as Desktop Recorder.

Tips by Dr. Nawaf AlAbduljader from Management and Marketing Department

These tips target large classes that involve case discussions:

  • Notify student prior to class that they will need to turn on their cameras during class so they can prepare for that
  • Avoid recording such classes such as to not violate student privacy
  • Discussion was more vibrate among students that attended when compared to voice only class discussions
  • Some students complained about the camera requirements and others avoided class altogether