Steps to Standard Syllabus

Standardized Syllabus Templates:

Program Syllabus Template
Undergraduate UG Standardized Syllabus
MBA MBA Standardized Syllabus
Master in Economics MSECON Standardized Syllabus

Steps to Standard Syllabus:

  1. Use the latest standardized syllabus template for the appropriate program above.
  2. Use the course description approved by KU. It is possible to add additional paragraphs to further clarify the course description.
  3. Check that course learning objectives CLOs exist for the course and add them if missing.
  4. Perform the mapping of the course learning objectives (CLOs) to CBA’s competency goals.

Steps for Mapping:

  1. Compare each CLO (by their number) to CBA’s competency goals found at the end of the standardized syllabus template. Specifically, you need to compare them to the competency goal’s student learning objectives as they reflect the operational definitions
  2. If the goals match, create a link in the mapping table by putting one of the following letters in the appropriate cell to reflect the type of coverage (or emphases) in the course:
    • I for Introduce: Students will be introduced to the skill and their grasp of it assessed in the course.
    • A for Apply: The course will not cover the skill. Students should have a high-level grasp of the skill and are required to apply it in the course.
    • R for Reinforce: Students should have an introductory-level grasp of the skill and the course will improve their mastery to a higher level.
  3. Once mapping table is completed, compare the course mapping to the curriculum map to ensure that it is correct for the course. If a single competency goal has multiple types of emphases, then precedence is given to R then A then I.