Checklist After Standardization

Checklist AFTER creating the standardized syllabi:

  1. Academic committee should approve the standard syllabus for any given course in their department
  2. Department should ensure all course sections in upcoming academic semesters use the approved standardized syllabus.
  3. Academic committee must share with CMU any updated or newly approved standardized syllabus as it is important for AoL planning purposes.
    • Only updates to course description, learning goals, or mapping table are of interest to the CMU. Other sections in the syllabus can be updated and revised without notifying the CMU and can also differ from section to section.
  4. Academic department should maintain a centralized repository of all standardized syllabi for easy access by faculty members, we recommend using teams to store these files.
  5. Assign member of the department Academic Committee who should update, maintain, and send a reminder before the start of every semester reminding faculty members (especially new faculty members) to get a copy of the approved standardized syllabus template for their course and use it to construct their course syllabus.
  6. Faculty members should always use a copy of the approved standardized syllabus to construct a new syllabus and ensure any approved changes to course content by the academic committee would be reflected in the new syllabus.