555 Research Methods for Business

Business Administration (Graduate)

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Course Description

This is a project-based course in which students are required to specify real-time consumer problems and work on solving the problems using a well-designed research process. The instructor will coach students throughout the research tasks, which include identifying a research problem, literature review, research sampling strategy, primary & secondary data collection, and data analysis. the students are required to submit a written research paper with practical implications and give an oral presentation of the research findings.

Course Learning Objectives (CLOs)
  • Clo1 recognize the implications of a proposed business decision from a variety of diverse, internal, and external, stakeholder perspectives.
  • Clo2 evaluate the integrity of the supporting evidence and data for a given decision based on business principles.
  • Clo3 use a word-processing application to type and format a research paper.
  • Clo4 use a data-processing application to analyze or solve a business problem.
  • Clo5 deliver clear, concise, and audience-centered presentations.
  • Clo6 write clear, concise, and audience-centered business research.
  • Clo7 use appropriate research tools to solve a given business problem.
  • Clo8 structure logic and frame quantitative analyses to solve business problems.
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