509 Managerial Decision Making

Management & Marketing

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Course Description

The aim of the course is, quite simply, to make you a better decision maker. To do so, MBA 509 takes a systematic approach to improving your decision making. We will use theories and tools of behavioral sciences (e.g. psychology) to answer the following questions: How do we make judgments about the world (e.g., how profitable a new entrepreneurial venture is likely to be)? How do we learn and update these judgments based on information? How do we make decisions based on these judgments? How do we deal with risk? How should we act in a certain situation, hypothetical or actual ? Topics covered in this course include: choice, judgment heuristics and biases, decision framing, prospect theory, mental accounting, regret, game theory, adverse selection, and other topics.

Course Learning Objectives (CLOs)
  • Clo1. improve the quality of students’ decisions. students will learn to be aware of and to avoid common
  • Inferential errors and systematic biases in their own decision-making. describe the operations management
  • Functions
  • Clo2. improve students’ ability to predict and influence the behavior of others (i.e. nudge). by understanding
  • How other people decide and behave, students will be better able to motivate desired behavior in others.
  • Clo3. improve the student’s ability to negotiate desired outcomes in work situations
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