505 Marketing Management Strategy

Management & Marketing

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Course Description

Strategic marketing management is the bedrock foundation for all businesses that strive for success in the marketplace. hence, this graduate course will provide you with the opportunity to apply relevant marketing knowledge to formulate the marketing plan through a systematic approach. acting as a manager, class participants must apply these crucial marketing activities while achieving a high level of efficiency that require using minimum firm’s resources to attain high outcome. participants in this class are expected to apply their marketing knowledge in real situations through examples and cases while being mindful of changes in the marketing environment.

Course Learning Objectives (CLOs)
  • Clo1. reinforce the concepts of marketing and marketing management
  • Clo2. apply marketing tools to evaluate internal and external marketing contexts
  • Clo3. analyze and identify marketing activities in support of vision, mission, and strategic objectives
  • Clo4. develop marketing plan that integrates the various parts of the marketing mix
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